Coaching: Own Your Power

You are a high performer and you are used to driving things forward. Including yourself. Great leadership has always been a challenge. And especially now in the fourth industrial revolution. We are confronted daily with a storm of surprises and uncertainties. Without inner stability, it is extremely hard and exhausting to manage these outside instabilities.
Furthermore, there are times when we…
… are alone with our decisions.
… are aware that we work very hard but still sometimes ask, what for?
… rush through life and don’t know where to.
… virtually have everything in life and somehow still feel hollow inside and kind of

In all those years of collaborating with top leaders, it has been evident that knowing your own philosophy and having absolute clarity about your own behavioral principles, makes it a lot easier to successfully manage your challenges. Behavioral principles are deep, inner truths. They influence us in all aspects of life, several times a day. To get to know these inner truths and have full awareness of them does not need to be hard, lonely work, but can be an exciting and enriching journey of discovery.
For this purpose I have developed the “Path of Power”. It includes topics and tools to strengthen our inner freedom, develops personal potentials and mobilizes inner resources. You will be able to make great decisions quicker and better, successfully make an impact and deliberately enhance your own effect. The Path of Power also helps to live your life more relaxed, livelier and more satisfied and to leave behind a meaningful footprint.

Why coaching?

Top athletes work with coaches. Top successful people do so too. Bill Gates puts it in a nutshell: “Everyone needs a coach.” Because people have the tendency to possess a strong self-image and can’t see themselves through the eyes of others, it is a lot easier to succeed on this journey together with a sparring partner.
Coaching is not an egocentric navel-gazing in which you turn around in circles, but a path to become more familiar with oneself. To find your own personality and your own philosophy is an important “instrument”, which does not only enable a more professional behavior, but also increases inner stability and your own well-being.
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    As partner of the Future Institute, I am at the forefront of all turbulent changes and
    I am able to put them into context in relation to your situation.
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    As a former manager myself, I know your habitat very well – whether it’s a large
    corporation, a medium-sized company or a smaller, manageable organization.
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    As entrepreneur, I experience the areas of tension daily, which you are confronted
    with every day.
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    As a woman, I have successfully worked in a world of power dominated by men and
    can bring a different perspective to the table.
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    As associate lecturer and coach, who constantly undergoes further studies,
    I continuously deal with the inner world of people intensively.
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    And being an extremely curious person, I have lived in other countries for many
    years and have created further methods together with amazing teachers like
    Susan Batson and Chinese grandmasters, in order to mobilize your personal potentials even better.
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    My experience: Successful people not only develop things, they further develop
    themselves. – Let’s talk about your potential!
Nicole Brandes - Impact Day

Impact Days:
Level up

You would like to advance your team. To create the future. To acquire the skills you need today in order to shape a more successful tomorrow. From a different perspective. Do you want to move forward with your team?
The IMPACT DAYS are a flexible modular system, which can be tailored individually to your needs and your timeframe. Generally, they span over 2 days of comprehensive and interactive workshops.


1. Culture: Fill values with life and anchor them – because they form the core in a borderless, scaled world
2. People: We Intelligence, recognize other worldviews to utilize the potential of collaboration.
3. Future: Thinking about megatrends industry-specifically in order to build awareness for a promising future.
4. Impact: How to move people with your own behavior.
Furthermore, we offer a one-day future workshop.
Nicole Brandes - Tigerlady Academy

Shape the future

It is really easy: You would like to draw on unlimited resources. You would like to accelerate your success. And you do not want to reinvent the wheel. For that purpose I have created our program “Tigerladies” – a one on one coaching and mentoring program for those new successful businesswomen, who do not want to wait for their chances, but to be the chance themselves. And for those women, who want to succeed in their career – a lot quicker and easier.
This program is not for all women, but only for a few applicants. If you are keen to see results, you need to be committed and ready for change. And you need to work very hard. We will go your personal journey together – step by step. Find out more in a 30-minute call with me.


· Strengthen your own personality
· Establish your own philosophy
· How to network properly
· Create career competencies
· How to market yourself better
· Create your own future


In a 30-minute call – free of charge – you can find out whether collaborative coaching would be adequate for you. Book your 30-minute Skype-call now and discover how you can combine your inner strength with your potential.

I am looking forward to meeting you!