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The future has long since started and technology changes rapidly how we live, economize and even who we are. We are challenged on all fronts in this epochal shift. Future-orientated leadership is needed more than ever.
Nicole Brandes is a well-known international management coach, book author and partner of the Future Institute. She focuses on the human aspect in times of digital change and consults, coaches. She works together with top leaders to enable them to successfully lead teams and themselves into the future. Her domain: Leadership 4.0 and the competencies which leaders must inhibit today to effectively lead and inspire.
«The biggest potential for the future are people. Nicole Brandes purpose is to explore this potential together with leaders and visualize it in the right context.»
Nicole is an important thought leader in Europe. The former manager has more than 15 years experience at the top of well-renowned corporations, speaks five languages and has travelled to over 100 countries. As a sought after keynote speaker, Nicole makes speeches internationally for companies in all sectors.
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Does your organisation need new impulses, coming from different and refreshing angle?
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Great leadership has always been a challenge on ones personality. It is my goal for you to include your own philosophy, to strengthen your inner freedom and to mobilize all potential in order to create a better life and future.


How to keep your orientation and to remain steadfast in this digital storm