You: Rejuvenated Leader

James Bond: Everyone needs a hobby…
Raoul Silva: So what’s yours?
James Bond: Resurrection.

Powerful. Encouraging. Moving

Recognized as one of the most important thought leaders in Europe, Nicole Brandes is a renowned international management coach, author and partner of the Future Institute. A change leader at the head of major corporations for more than 15 years, Nicole speaks five languages fluently and has traveled to more than 100 countries.

From the World Economic Forum’s platform to TED Talks and corporate gatherings of all sizes, Nicole comes to your stage with the NEW imperative for exponential business success.

Exponential Success.

Your entity can compel an unusual level of success in a short amount of time.

Oddly, this shuttle-speed success will NOT be a result of getting ahead of the newest technologies.

It’s NOT about what to merge with, who to hook your wagon to, or new world market tactics to help you achieve these ends.

Future business success in any entity relies entirely on … The Human Aspect.
In this new technology era, it’s all about leading people in a new way. And it only begins when the top levels of executive management understand and apply the key tools of future-oriented leadership.

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Own Your Power. Level Up. Shape Your Future. 
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Today’s Leaders: Discovering Your Super Hero Powers

in a Digital Tornado World

Leadership is no longer about marching forward in this chaotic digital world and hoping your team is still at your back.

Today’s leadership solution is self-leadership. It’s about first empowering and energizing YOU, re-igniting and rediscovering your passion, and stepping back onto the path where you belong … you know the path … the one that actually offers exponential success through less effort. (Think about it: It’s how ALL super heroes discover themselves.)

Get your cape on first. Only then can you save humanity. (Or the people you call your “team.”)

Females Leading Differently

(Because You Do)

Isn’t it interesting? The most powerfully successful female leaders in our world aren’t warriors. Not even close. They’ve learned how to be the CEO of their lives first.

These unique paradigm-busting breakthroughs and innate competencies allow them to achieve astounding results in the management of their teams  and their respected rise in power.

Leadership Competencies of the Future

Nicole speaking in front of a large audience.

You can apply all the due diligence and resource imaginable to negotiations, projects and production but those efforts will slog down or fail entirely when you don’t understand the people.

By understanding the 5 secrets of individual and cultural diversity, then you can quickly solve and evolve your group into one of accelerated collaboration.