Speakerin Nicole Brandes über Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung in der Führung


Between the conflicting priorities of technology and people, Nicole shifts the emphasis onto the human side as the determining factor of the future. The former manager has secured herself an established place in record time as top speaker in Europe with Leadership 4.0, future and transformation as her main topics. As a partner of the Future Institute, Nicole is right at the forefront of new developments.


Nicole talks about the diverse consequences of the technological revolution on leadership and people. Her domain: Leadership 4.0 – how leaders navigate successfully, retain their energy,navigate organisations through the the digital storm and remain influential; all that as part of digitalization, disruption and transformation. She combines current megatrends with more than 15 years of experience in top managerial positions of multinational, large corporations.

In her presentations, she moves and inspires people with topics such as.
Technology companies are nowadays the driver of disruption as well as being affected by it. Even those who are at the forefront of innovation must navigate themselves time and again through the daily tornado and the fourth industrial revolution. Which four main areas of tension need to be mastered, better are enabled to make good decisions, keep their influence and retain their energy, is something coach and keynote speaker Nicole Brandes illustrates. She knows what makes leaders stronger and more resilient for the future and how people will follow them, because they want to and not because they are meant to.
Even though change is fascinating, times of change always trigger uncertainties and unwanted surprises. Leadership always starts with oneself. Nicole Brandes provides a her signature compass for inner orientation, because resilience and true strength only come from within. And that becomes more and more important in a world of impermanence.
Many negotiations and projects fail in business with the new world power China. Not because markets fail to do their due diligence, but because of the lack of understanding the people. Nicole Brandes takes us behind the scenes and shows which success factors are needed in order to do business successfully in other cultures.
Whether SME or large corporation, many innovatively lead companies require a leadership, which develops the potential of hyper diversity. Topic of this keynote is the management of value clashes and the creation of a strong culture of collaboration. Nicole Brandes uncovers five surprising and eye-opening success factors, which are significant for leaders of the future.
Female qualities are a pivotal incubator for top performance in the era of technology. They make companies evidentially stronger, more agile and more profitable. Nicole Brandes encourages women in this very personal and moving keynote, not to wait for opportunities but to be the opportunity and to develop competencies, which matter in order to move forward.
Whether on the big stage in front of thousands of people or in board meetings in a small, chosen circle, Nicole is always engags with ample focus and commitment and is a valuable sparring partner.


As author of her book “We Intelligence”, Nicole provides an important contribution to the discussion about culture in business for the future.

Biography of Nicole Brandes

Between the conflicting priorities of technology and people, Nicole shifts the focus on the human side as the determining factor for the future. She supports international companies and leaders to manage the fourth industrial revolution with strong self-management and a collaborative and meaningful culture. [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [vc_column_width = “1/4”]

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