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Five days ago, Marc Benioff, Founder and CEO of Salesforce was elected by “Fortune” as the Nr. 1 Leader of 50 movers and shakers on our planet. Congratulations! When I received a phone call this summer, in which they asked me, if I would like to work with them, I had no clue, who they were (yes, it is true!). I was surprised: There was something unusual, that got me down to the bone. Right, Marc Benioff is a pioneer in business models and technology models. But what got me, is their philanthropic attitude: “Life is too short to only sell CRMs.” So, every employee spends one week of paid leave for a greater cause contributing to the world. And you can feel that in a great drive and positive energy. The people of Salesforce proof that every time, I have the pleasure to be with them.

<strong>Profit is the blood in the veins of a company. True purpose is the heart, giving people a reason to come to work, not only a place to work.</strong>